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TerraZyme - An eco friendly , low cost road construction alternative

TerraZyme is an environmentally friendly soil stabiliser used in the construction of road infrastructure. The product provides a tool for engineers to reduce the construction costs, whilst increasing the overall quality of road structures. TerraZyme is easy to use, not harmful
to the environment or its users and guarantees a better and longer lasting road that has been accepted and appreciated WORLD WIDE.

The use of TerraZyme in the construction of base and sub-base structures removes the need for the use of a sand/gravel mix, soling or water bound macadam in the construction of road structures. The base and sub-base constructed with TerraZyme are built up immediately from the sub-grade level. Between the sub-grade and the asphalt or concrete layers, TerraZyme constructed structures have a much greater flexural strength and a higher CBR % than the conventional structures.

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Avijeet Agencies is the pioneer to get enzyme based road construction technology into India. We have successfully built roads across India in varying soil, traffic and climatic conditions. We help the clients with pavement designs and provide consultancy to the clients to ensure that the project is executed as per specifications laid down or take up turn key road construction projects.


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