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This section has the general information related to TerraZyme and road construction like working mechanism, application process, MSDS, etc

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

The Material safety data sheet gives us the chemical and physical properties of the product TerraZyme

Download MSDS

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Field CBR Test - DCPT

The Dynamic Cone Penetrometer – DCP – determines empirically the CBR% or California Bearing Ratio of soils of the road, without destroying the road structure. Very useful and fast test procedure to find the field CBR of road constructed using TerraZyme, enzyme based low cost eco friendly roads Download DCPT Test Manual

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TerraZyme Application process

Basic steps needed to constructs roads using TerraZyme. The process sheet gives details of equipments required and problems and solutions while applying

TerraZyme Download Application Process

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URCI - Unsurfaced Road Condition Index

The URCI field manual is one the test to prove the advantage and efficacy of roads built using TerraZyme, a low cost eco friendly alternate for roads. The Manual was developed by US Army Corps.

Download URCI Manual

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Information Package

This file contains the basic details of TerraZyme, which includes, working mechanism of the product, application process, referrals, image gallery etc

Download Information Package

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Frequently Asked Questions

The file gives answers for most frequently asked questions about the product TerraZyme. It helps you get the basic details about the usage of TerraZyme and other details pertaining to its working and its advantages.

Download FAQ

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Information needed for Budgetary Offer

The file contains the list of information needed for us to give you basic costing for the road, parking lots to be constructed at your site

Additional Information needed for quotation

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