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Green Product

TerraZyme - An eco friendly , low cost road construction alternative

  • Using natural materials insitu therby conserving excavation sites
  • Enables utilization of recycling and waste materials
  • Reduces energy consumption by atleast 50% less transport, fewer raw materials
  • Shortens project completion times by 30%, reduces energy consumption of heavy machinery
  • Reduce the use of blue metal, up to 80% reduction
  • Self-contained on-site infrastructure, housing & access

TerraZyme is non-toxic, non-flammable and Environmentally Friendly

  • No special handling, storage, or application requirements are needed
  • Saves direct fill mix material costs by treating the available soil insitu thus reducing the need for importing mixtures to overcome high clay content.
  • Less mobilization of filling thus shorter time to delivery by 30 to 50%

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  • National Highway
    The work was done as an experimental basis. After the ...


  • CRRI Lab Certificate
    "...The results of the preliminary laboratory test we conducted correlate ...


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