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Advantages and Uses

Advantages of TerraZyme

TerraZyme is a natural, non-toxic liquid, formulated using vegetable extracts. Apart from being a concept accepted the world over as a sound and resourceful road building practice which completely replaces the conventional granular base and the granular sub base, it emphasizes on strength, performance and higher resistance towards deformation.

The cost economics of implementing TerraZyme in road building is yet another appealing characteristic of this technology. The overall cost reduction would be about 15 to 40% of the total cost of construction. The maintenance cost compared to the conventional system would be reduced from 50 % to 75%. Given that there is an achievement in superior strength parameters at the base level of the TerraZyme road, further reduction in the bitumen layer is possible which would provide an over all saving in surfacing costs.

  1. The soils treated with TerraZyme renders improved density values by reducing the void ratios to a large extent which results in an overall improvement in the California Bearing Ratio
  2. It facilitates higher soil compaction densities, and increases soil strength and stability for lasting roads.
  3. TerraZyme replaces Soling and WBM of conventional road structure.
  4. TerraZyme also reduces the crust thickness of asphalt layers.
  5. TerraZyme also proves to increase the road quality and decreases the maintenance Cost
  6. TerraZyme treated roads can be used all weather roads

Uses of TerraZyme

  • Highways
  • Rural Roads
  • Townships Road
  • Secondary Roads
  • Airport Runways
  • Road shoulders
  • Recreation Paths
  • Parking lots

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